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I’m registered international Coach.

EDIT™ Certified III Recovery Coach


I have the privilege of being the first coach in Canada trained in the NEW Un- Diet Solutions.

About Me


  • oach
  • Facilitator 
  • 27 yrs experience in health care Primary Care Paramedic, CISM, ASIST
  • (critical incident stress management)
  • ASIST ( applied suicide intervention skills training), 
  • Edu-therapy™ and Grief Recovery™


I have a deep understanding of what it's like to struggle with weight issues stress and anxiety.

I am passionate about guiding others to living a healthier life style.

I use my experience and training to guide others.

I am equipped to provide coping skills to help them walk the path and reconnect  with their True Self.

 The gift I have to share is -  I have walked that path and I have learned how to navigate through the obstacles along the way. 

Society has taught us to disconnect with our True Self and live in our False Self.

We think we are coping until we get introduced to another way and find out what we thought was Self Care is not enough.

You could say it's all in your head and you are correct.

 Critical chatter in our head blocks our ability to listen to our heart.

When we create balance in our lives the it life becomes  easier and more rewarding.

In order to be our True Self we need to have a connection with our mind, body, heart and soul.

I have many tools to offer you to guide you toward finding Freedom within.


Free opportunity to participate in a coaching session at your convenience. You can call or join me for a walk and talk in nature.



Character reference

December  6, 2017


I first met Gale Stonehouse  while I was on vacation in Cancun.

She is very outgoing and friendly and we soon built a friendship.


I had  taught for 20 years before I had to take leave due to a  physical disability as well as a severe hearing loss.

Gale easily  accommodated my  limitations and went well out of her way to be helpful.


Our conversations were often reflective and insightful. We both shared personal information and Gail’s life experiences have made her very knowledgeable.

I trust Gail and appreciate her acuteness and discretion.


Although Gale was on holidays when we met, she sought out  Spanish speaking staff and taught them English, while she worked on improving her Spanish.

Her desire to help others is strong and sincere.


I highly recommend Gale.



Wendy Stanhope




Character reference

To whom it may concern,

I first met Gale at Bridge point. My sister and I instantly connected with Gale. As the days went on at Bridgepoint , I seen a huge difference in Gale. The first night at Bridge point Gale was very close to leaving.  I had been to Bridgepoint before so I kinda knew what to expect, but this was Gale first time and obviously was very uncertain about being there, she was scared, and I think very lost. As the days went on I got to know Gale and her story. The transformation in Gale was amazing, it was a huge change. She has become a totally different person. After I heard Gales story , I had soo much respect for this woman! She inspired me! I thought this woman has come through soo much in her life, she is so strong! And to come to a place like Bridgepoint , is not an easy step to make. She did not only make that step, she embraced it, let herself open up and started to heal.we talked a lot and we still keep in contact to this day, which I am very thankful for. Gale is so easy to talk to, she is a beautiful , warm , and compassionate person. She is very wise and my conversations with her always makes me feel soo good , as she can totally relate cause she has been through her own battles and struggles, she understands. I have always told Gale that she should be helping people some way , because being a person who has and still battles with anxiety , depression , eating disorder, stress , ect , Gale is so therapeutic for me. I absolute love talking and being around her. She relates to me and I can tell her anything and she has always had the right thing to say. I have the utmost respect for this beautiful strong woman, and am very lucky and thankful to have her in my life💕💕

Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapist


More about EDIT

Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ is the treatment approach developed by Dr. Dorie McCubbrey, PhD, MSEd, LPC, CEDS – it has been used in clinical practice for more than 20 years, and it is based on five principles which Dr. Dorie learned as a result of her own journey of recovery from eating disorders. EDIT™ involves a shift from the voice of the eating disorder (ED) to the healing wisdom of the Intuitive Therapist (IT), facilitated by ED-IT dialogues with an EDIT™ Certified practitioner. This comprehensive method guides clients to improve body image, make peace with food through intuitive eating, develop healthy coping skills, enhance overall Self-Care, learn how to prevent relapse – and much more. The overall outcome is “complete recovery” – where the individual is free of eating disorder behaviors, and have reconnected with their Intuitive Wisdom.